Princess Diana and Kate Middleton may seem to differ in style, as they come from different times, but take a double glance and you’ll realize a lot of their outfits are similar in taste, color, texture, etc. First of all, hats off to their stylists — the women have looked stunning whether they don LBDs (little black dresses, of course) or nursing gowns. Also, it should be known that ultimately the clothes complement the women, not vice versa.

Moreover, both have been or are mothers of several young kids, thus they definitely have had to stay afloat hectic, royal schedules. So it comes as a surprise that these women can do all this and sustain their fabulous looks.

If you are a fashionista into classic, elegant looks, check out the 22 times Kate Middleton channeled Princess Diana. These women will most certainly go down in history as fashion game changers.