The grief that accompanies the loss of a newborn child is incomprehensible. The loss of an infant from a stillborn birth, a miscarriage, or neonatal death is devastating to expecting parents ready to welcome their child into the world. However, sometimes there is a happy ending for couples who experience this tragic loss known as a “Rainbow baby.”

The term “Rainbow Baby” has been coined to describe an infant successfully born to a mother who has experienced one of the aforementioned birthing tragedies. Rainbows bring beauty and light to the world after a storm.

This past April, parents Lila and Tim hired professional photographer Laura Fifield to capture their Rainbow Baby’s entry into the world. The photographs are raw and glorious. The healthy, happy infant’s name is Audrey Joy.

Follow Audrey’s entry into the world — and see the color, vibrance, and joy that she brings with her.

(h/t Laura Fifield Photography)