Pregnancy: a word loaded with over a thousand meanings, emotions, and dreadful hormone alterations attached. Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences a woman can undergo, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an easy one. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Let’s face it, being pregnant is just plain rough.

One moment your mood is flying high and soaring then suddenly you’re plotting someone’s death because they cut in line at the supermarket. You will go from one day admiring your cute baby bump to self loathing about how you can no longer see your feet or fit into your favorite outfit. Don’t even mention the stretch marks, constant urge to use the restroom, and morning sickness that comes along with preparing for a little one.

The good news is you have a loving supportive husband that is there to be your right-hand man. Little does every woman know, he will most likely shortly become your biggest challenge.

Sure, you may think, “My husband is my world and will never challenge me in such a way.”

Well, sister, here are 20 reasons why he is about to become your worst nightmare during this experience. Good luck!