Who doesn’t love a good ole’ Disney movie? Old classics — such as Sleeping Beauty and Peter Pan — and newer releases — such as Moana and Brave — both boast amicable female leads. Singers, crime fighters, frog kissers, and ice queens have paved the way for girls and women everywhere as feminists, leaders, and even lovers. When it comes to naming your child, there’s no better place than to explore the Disney universe for ideas.

Now some Disney inspired baby names are commonplace, whereas others are more unique. From big-name stars like Ariel — to lesser-known but equally loved characters like Esmeralda — Disney princesses are great sources of inspiration when it comes to naming your daughter. Each have their own tailored storylines, attributes, looks, strengths and weaknesses. Dory is quirky, Tiana is hardworking, Merida is brave… regardless of their separate identities, they all share one quality: a befitting name.

Like Cinderella’s shoe, each person has a name that comfortably and appropriately fits to the shape of their nature. However, in some cases, if the person is outstanding and novel enough, the name itself takes on a new meaning. Check out the following baby girl names, based off of Disney royalty. Lionesses, fish, warriors, superheroes… all of the above are included in the list — so take note to discover the perfect name to bestow your daughter with.