Back in the olden days, when someone had a baby they just called up their friends and family to tell them the news. If someone wanted to see the baby, they had to drive over to see portraits from the hospital photographer. If you were curious about a celebrity’s new bundle of joy, you had to wait for a magazine to publish a spread of photos. So much waiting and effort were necessary to satisfy our curiosity.

My, how far we’ve come. Today, thanks to the internet and smartphones, parents can share their joyous news immediately. While some of them get quite creative with their announcements, celebrities really outshine the rest of us when it comes to presenting their new babies to the world.

Whether you’re looking to up your baby-announcement game or are just curious about all things pop culture, you should definitely check out this roundup of the cutest, funniest, and most outside-the-box celeb baby announcements. Don’t forget to SHARE it with your friends!